Back in 2004, the odds against the Red Sox winning the World Series after the Yankees had them down three games to none were very long. Yet they did.

The odds against someone who entered the presidential race without celebrity status or a billionaire’s fortune are pretty long, too. But I never gave up hope on my beloved Red Sox in 2004, and I’m not ready to give up on the underdog candidacy of Sen. Michael Bennet in 2020, because he has the platform and passion to end this long national nightmare of President Donald Trump.

We in New Hampshire have the unique power on Feb. 11 to propel Sen. Bennet to become a contender. I have discovered his stance on major issues to be both progressive and acceptable to most Americans.

On health care, I am convinced that no Democrat will win espousing Medicare For All, because most Americans do not want to give up their employer-paid plan. Sen. Bennet believes that universal health care can best be achieved by introducing a public option and focusing on lowering overall health care costs.

On education, as a former superintendent of Denver’s public schools, he knows that a good public K-12 education is more of a priority for all Americans than a free college education for some.

Sen. Bennet can beat Trump in any debate because he speaks the truth with passion. Go to YouTube and watch him go after Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

The voters of New Hampshire can surprise the rest of the nation by showing that Michael Bennet deserves to be seriously considered.

Sen. Bennet will be at the Dublin Community Center Sunday, Feb. 2, at 4 p.m.


716 Main St.