Kendall Lane endorsed George Hansel saying George “exceeded his expectations.” One has to wonder why The Sentinel didn’t follow up and ask what those expectations were and how did George exceed them?

In his endorsement, Mayor Lane listed all the city committees that George has served on — is that one of the expectations that George exceeded? Lots of committee appointments? Mayor Lane appointed Hansel to each of those committees — is that an accomplishment the mayor used for his endorsement?

Lane also noted that Hansel founded the Keene Manufacturers Consortium. That website notes that the purpose of the group is to meet and share ideas and collaborate on a myriad of issues. So Mr. Hansel started a group and he schedules meetings for the group? Is that a competency the mayor used for his endorsement?

When Gov. Sununu vetoed the state budget and invited cities to send a representative to discuss what the impact would be on local budgets, Mayor Lane didn’t send the chair of the finance committee — Mitch Greenwald — he instead sent George Hansel. Is that an expectation the mayor had — for Mr. Hansel to be available to be chosen by the mayor to attend a meeting?

Gov. Sununu appointed George to two governor-appointed positions. One of those appointments was to the Governor’s Millennial Advisory Committee. While there are many millennials in Keene who have started their own business starting from nothing — who have taken on business risk and mortgages, that would not describe George Hansel — who was given a job at his grandfather’s business. Maybe that was not an expectation the mayor used when making his endorsement?

The other appointment by the governor was to the University System Board of Trustees. While there are many graduates in the area who attended a college within the University system, that would not describe George Hansel — who has not attended any public school in New Hampshire. Does the mayor believe that not being a graduate of Keene State or Plymouth or UNH gives George Hansel more credibility when talking about the college?

So what was the criteria for the endorsement? What is the evidence of success of Mr. Hansel where he wasn’t given a position or wasn’t appointed to a position or didn’t create his own position? Maybe someone — maybe The Sentinel — should ask the mayor.


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