Now that the Ukraine-Russia War of 2022 is coming to a close — my diety, it cannot go any longer than USA war in Afghanistan or Iraq — I hope that a few USA citizens start to realize that:

1. War means atrocities, many civilians dying and being uprooted. We know about Ukraine-Russia because the daily propaganda machinery led by the USA mainstream media — NYT, WaPo, ABC, CNN, FOX — tell about it every day. Any pictures that you see of blown out buildings and dead Ukraine people in the street can only foment in us hatred of Putin and his people.

Problem is that these same pictures were pictures that you never saw of Iraq — Fallujah, Mosul — or any city in Afghanistan. War is atrocious whether it is Just War (World War II), an illegal invasion (USA vs Iraq), or defensive (USA has never had one).

2. War profits only the arms producers — Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing — AKA the military-industrial-congressional complex. Biden, in your name and mine, is sending billions of dollars of artillery, aircraft, and ammunition to Ukraine in order to prolong war. The more stuff consumed by Ukraine, the bigger the profits to the USA defense contractors. Believe me, the USA defense contractors are counting their profits.

3. War is the only bipartisan issue on Capitol Hill. Biden’s new NDAA (Pentagon budget) is over 4813 billion, more than last year’s, which was more than the year before. And, not to worry, the NH4, your two congresspeople and two U.S. senators, all from the Democrat Party, are ready to once again vote enthusiastically “Yes” for the military budget. After all, is there never enough money to insure USA national security? Just ask Jeanne Shaheen that question — she will let you know.

Wake up, please. Read anti-propoganda by Andrew Bacevich, Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges. Or pick out a thought or two at TomDispatch or ScheerPost or Bracing Views.

Wake up. You are being propagandized by your government and the mainstream media.

War only continues because you allow war to continue.

And a suggestion to The Sentinel: Print an article by William J. Astore (Bracing Views) or Chris Hedges (ScheerPost). Shake up the conversation, for Pete’s sake. Challenge our pathetic, war-thirsty New Hampshire representation on Capitol Hill.

Start peace.

Stop war.



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