Full disclosure: I am voting for Joe Biden in this election.

My sincere wish is that Donald Trump and his wife either go through their period of quarantine without developing any sign of COVID-19, or, at worst, they endure only the mildest discomfort. I wish for them a speedy recovery.

I especially hope that neither of them experiences the suffering and misery that a friend of mine went through as he was dying of the disease.

I do hope, however, that the president uses the time away from the campaign trail to reflect on his missteps during the course of the COVID crisis. I hope he sits back and examines how he has encouraged his followers to not take the coronavirus seriously.

At first, he called it a Democrat hoax; then told Americans it would be best if they continued to go to their places of work even if they contracted the illness; then made a show of appearing in public without a mask, never wearing one until late in the game. Perhaps he’ll consider this — he most likely got the virus from someone who wasn’t wearing a mask.

I hope he takes this time to reflect on many things, especially his encouragement of white supremacists (having once called some of them “good people”) to use violence against fellow Americans, and his encouragement of polluters through the deregulation of their industries to increase emissions that worsen climate change (and thus stimulate the intensity of hurricanes and wildfires).

I don’t wish any harm or suffering to come to the president, but a time of deep reflection is in order.


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