How would you describe a “patriot”?

A draft-dodger?

A tax-dodger?

A blame-dodger?

A self-centered liar and cheater?

A science-and-fact denier?

Someone who has brazenly corrupted the executive branch, extolled an equally hypocritical cadre to do so to the legislative, and is proceeding to do the same to the judicial; starting with a comparatively devious attorney general all the way to the Supreme Court?

Despite all the flag hugging, bible displays and bombastic rhetoric, the self-proclaimed “Patriot-in-Chief” is anything but. Sadly, he is a pathetic phony!

In just four years he has destroyed much of the progress made by our truly patriotic forefathers for the previous 240 years.

He does not deserve the title “patriot,” nor has he ever deserved the title president.

Let’s be sure that “we, the people” correct that travesty — the sooner the better.

Make America Decent Again!


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