Jeanne Dietsch’s Nov. 12 letter against people with libertarian views (“Bad actors are why I’m not libertarian”) has me befuddled.

If I understand her position, being a libertarian means supporting slavery. She further goes on to state that without government, slavery would exist in the United States today. What the ...? Really?

State Sen. Dietsch confuses libertarians with the Democrats. Democratic Party founder Thomas Jefferson loved slaves as both a prolific owner and an early #MeToo participant.

She either has no knowledge of history or intentionally ignores it; the Democratic Southern states held on to slavery until 1865. The New England states and New Jersey were done with the practice by 1804 without big government intervention. After the Civil War, the Democrats continued another century of suppression through the creation of the Ku Klux Klan, enactment of Jim Crow laws, high bars, like literacy tests, to vote and segregation.

Today, the Democratic Party promotes inefficient “big brother” policies and programs that take away freedom, discourage self-sufficiency and make people reliant on the government for basic needs. Some have stated that such dependency is a modern, benevolent slavery.

In contrast, libertarians promote freedom, individualism, voluntary association, personal responsibility and autonomy. While libertarians have an understandable skepticism of authority and state power, most recognize that a limited government is necessary for things like roads, police and fire.

Recently, the local Democratic party had to change the name of its annual dinner several times to find party leaders who did not kill the natives or use their position to molest and harm women.

So, Ms. Dietsch, with all these “bad actors” why are you a Democrat?


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