One of the basic ideas most Americans believe in is that in a Democracy, the majority should rule. Unfortunately, due to peculiar institutions like the Electoral College and partisan gerrymandering, this is often not the case.

Voters in 103 New Hampshire towns will have an opportunity to improve our democracy by voting yes on the warrant article for “fair and nonpartisan redistricting” in their upcoming town meeting elections in March.

Every 10 years the party in power in Concord gets to re-draw the districts, often without transparency and without input from voter. This process rewards them and allows partisan legislators to essentially “rig” future elections by changing boundaries and stacking certain districts to advantage themselves.

For example, Executive Council District 2 stretches all the way across the state in a narrow band, ignoring different demographics and interests in order to tip the scales for one party. Ideally, a district should be compact and demographically consistent so as to more accurately reflect the voters.

The best solution would be for redistricting to be drawn up by an independent, nonpartisan council. It should be fully transparent and open to voter input rather than done behind closed doors. Since this redistricting will be completed in 2021, now is the time for voters to support the fair and nonpartisan redistricting proposal.