Do you realize how much more money dairy processing companies make when they sell milk and cream separately?

Just think, what was once one product (whole milk) is now two products (cream; and skim, 1 percent or 2 percent milk). That cream can then be sold for ice cream, butter, cookies, etc. The milk is sold as is (because people have been taught that it’s healthier than whole milk) or processed into any number of sweetened, low-fat dairy products, again sold for a premium, because people think they are healthy.

If you really want your money’s worth, buy whole milk and other whole milk dairy products. If milk from a local farm costs more, know that the dairy farmer is still probably just getting by. The companies that manufacture and sell low-fat dairy products are really taking a (traditionally) low-value item and using sugar, other additives and marketing to make a “value added” product.

Nutritionally, it might be more valuable (without the sugar) as pig food, as it used to be on traditional diversified farms. Adequate dietary fat (including saturated fat) helps stabilize blood sugar, brings about that all-important feeling of fullness, and helps us absorb the vitamins from the food we eat.

If you want your money’s worth, skip the skim and buy whole milk!