Regarding the news about anti-lockdown protesters getting charged/arrested near Gov. Sununu’s house ... here are some questions.

A brother of the governor holds office in Newfields. Did he recuse himself from voting on the new ordinance that partially restricts picketing in Newfields? Or did he exercise a conflict of interest by casting a vote on the issue as selectman?

Since this is not a home-rule state, municipalities are supposed to avoid imposing new restrictions on people ... unless they are specifically authorized to do so in state law. What state law authorizes the town to create ordinances restricting people from picketing on a public right-of-way? What state law, if any, did the town cite as granting them this unusual power?

What has been the cost to taxpayers so far ... of monitoring, then interfering with, the Newfields demonstrators? What will be the final cost when some of them, in all likelihood, choose court or jail rather than automatically submitting to the fines?

To what extent are demonstrators responsible for the actions of their enemies?



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