On Monday, July 20, Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States began requiring “ALL” employees and customers to wear face masks in their stores.

At the end of May, City Councilor Randy Filiault proposed an ordinance that face masks be required when the public enters a government or business establishment. Mr. Filiault was ahead of the curve, but because no one wants to get sued these days by anyone whose personal rights might be infringed upon, he quickly withdrew his proposed ordinance. (Editor’s Note: It’s since been resubmitted.)

In a few weeks students are being asked (told) by our so-called leaders in government to physically head back to school. Government officials have expressed the need for school districts to be “flexible” in their planning and implementation of bringing students back to the fold. The N.H. Department of Education has published an impressive tome titled: “New Hampshire K-12 Back to School Guidance,” which I have read.

As the debate over face coverings rages on and many of our leaders encourage their use, but they themselves (Republicans) choose not to wear them, the question is what is what is best for New Hampshire’s school-age children?

I feel the Department of Education takes a neither-here-nor-there approach to this question even though health experts, scientists and the CDC outline that this (face covering) is one of the surest ways to stop the transmission of COVID-19, along with hand washing, social distancing, sanitizing work areas, etc.

My question is, are we going to keep kids safe or not? As the old saying goes: “either fish or cut bait!” My suggestion for SAU 29, 60, 93, etc.: “fish!”


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