Despite hearings, letters, complaints from many neighbors, and the potential curtailment of their operations, Antrim Wind would have (some of) us believe that they have never tried to measure the actual noise levels from their turbines in the weather conditions most likely to violate the SEC noise requirements (40Db at night). AWE knows this would merely require a few nighttime measurements when the winds on the turbines are the highest (producing their loudest noises) and the temperatures in the neighborhood are such as to produce a “nighttime temperature inversion” (a cold pool of air surrounding the turbines and the neighbors) trapping these loud noises. Such nights are easily, and inexpensively, forecast.

AWE claims to have spent $65 million. Now that they can actually measure these noises, is it believable that they chose NOT to? Or might it be that they have actually measured the turbine noises, and found that in certain weather, they exceed their agreed “not-to-exceed” limits?

For those of us who have stopped believing in the tooth fairy, we “know” that AWE has made the required noise measurements, and on meteorological sensitive nights. But we don’t know how often the noises exceed the required limits, where/when these exceedances were concentrated and under what weather conditions.

AWE knows the answer. The SEC does not. Nor do we.