Did a star really appear that dark night on an ancient and desolate hillside site, where sheep herders of minimum age for minimum wage clustered close their dumb but wary sheep?

Well I wasn’t there, and who would believe the report of such? Fake news, indeed! And who would care as long as wool holds steady and cheap on the commodities market?

Question everything. That’s how I grew up, putting aside fairy tales like flying Peter Pans. Even as I child I was not a fan, preferring the stealth and savvy wolf of Little Red Riding Hood.

But where has reality gone, subject to every foe who wants his own take on facts seeking conclusions that stick to his own taste, like cattle tongues on salt licks?

Yet we all have a need to believe — not because we want this and thus to be so according to our own inclinations. No, because the universe moves in mysterious ways — not subject to science’s leading, but by a truth that it emulates, not delegates.

We do not determine the course of stars. Nor is the road to Bethlehem paved by certainties that can be certified. Then begin your journey there without fear of contradicting fabrications to which cynics adhere. There is a certainty to faith that lies beyond what we can see or hear. Only trust will lead you there.

Christ is come, indeed! Shepherds saw angels and heard their song of peace on earth. Fear not; all is good. If only for this moment, I’m joining their “Hallelujah!”


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