Communities often face opportunities for change and improvement when needed. When opportunity presents itself, as it has in Winchester, the community of citizens should “carpe momentum” — seize and embrace the moment.

After years of avoidance, obstruction and sometimes mismanagement in the police department, the current board of selectmen for the town of Winchester has embraced and seized just that — the need for change and the opportunity to improve by learning and correcting some past deeds and looking forward to a better tomorrow.

When selected for the position of chief of police for the town of Winchester, I was made aware of the past, and I looked forward to the opportunity to create that change and improvement for the Winchester community, and to restore the good reputation of its police department.

During the selection process, the town interview committee members and the board of selectmen made clear to me their concerns, needs, and desires in the town’s next chief of police. They also understood my forward vision of what good community policing looks like, with quality and integrity of all those who serve and protect the greater public community.

That support from the board of selectmen and town hall is essential and remains intact today, and allows for that evolution of change and improvement for sustainable public service to the community.

When first walking through the door of any new organization, there is a delicate balance and limit in the amount of splash you should make. But there are times when it is necessary to make a cannonball splash. Unfortunately, as the new chief of police, I inherited many issues when I walked through that door; I had hard decisions to make and address with the organizational and personnel matters presented.

I acknowledge that making some tough decisions has created stress for a small handful of the social media community. But I continue to have the widespread support and endorsement of the great majority of the community, who support their police department and understand the choices that have been made.


Police Chief


(Note:This is the first of two parts of a letter to the Winchester community.)

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