Why I’m voting for Amy Klobuchar:

1) Her experience. Klobuchar has passed more legislation than any other current Senator. While I ordinarily would support candidates who propose more progressive policies, I’m afraid those policies have little chance of becoming law. My vote for their sponsors seems wasted.

Klobuchar is a pragmatic progressive and her record shows she can get bills passed. Her priorities as president include closing loopholes for the wealthy; raising the minimum wage to $15/hour; addressing climate change; fighting for a public option through Medicare or Medicaid; expanding Pell Grants to make education more affordable; and investing $1 trillion to improve infrastructure. I’m good with that!

2) Electability. Amy has never lost an election, which includes winning 42 counties in 2018 that Trump carried in 2016. That is huge. She can win in Trump country and in the key electoral states Democrats lost in 2016. Furthermore, she has the endorsement of the New York Times, The Keene Sentinel and the N.H. Union Leader. Now that’s broad appeal!

3) Perhaps most importantly — who can best heal our polarized country? If Trump is re-elected, or if one of the more leftist candidates win, many Americans will still be disaffected. I see Amy being a healing and inspirational president. She is definitely the right age and gender for someone I would like to see as our next president!

Amy Klobuchar is a strong candidate who I believe is the best option to beat Trump and start healing our country. I encourage you to join me in voting for her.

Let’s send a message to other states that it’s time to elect a woman president, one who will do us proud and who can bring the country closer together.


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