Ms. Badeley’s letter in response to mine (“I respectfully disagree with you, Mr. Hecker,” July 30) could not have better highlighted the problems of attempting serious discussion with some of our countrymen.

Abortion? Thoughtful people can and do disagree. My personal opinion is the constitutionally protected rights involved are irreconcilable. The scientific landscape is fluid as our ability to save premature babies improves. Due to both, the ethics of the procedure over a pregnancy is dynamic. Once a life is created, the entire situation is far more complicated and the ramifications to the individuals and society is a serious issue of life and death.

Abortion is not a women’s only issue. To entertain the illusion it is interferes with an honest debate.

Proportionally far more black babies are aborted than any other racial group. The numbers are in the CDC’s abortion surveillance stats. It is also undeniable the Democratic Party has promoted the most extreme of positions on abortion. The brutal racist past of the Democratic Party is also undeniable. These are not just talking points. They are a regrettable reality that should not be ignored or erased from history. Why not take the opportunity to learn? If you have reliable information that proves me wrong, please enlighten me.

If your issue with Trump’s election is the Electoral College: We are a constitutional republic, not a pure democracy, by design. It is important a candidate’s policies address the full scope of regional concerns. History has proven in a big country that is difficult to do. The Electoral College is a fine mechanism in that regard. Successful candidates do not ignore smaller states. Trump played the game better. That is not being installed. That is being a duly elected winner.

If you are referring to Russian meddling: reality is that governments constantly try to meddle in each others’ affairs for national gain. In 2016 they tried and failed. The official, publicly released reports on that are clear. What is not clear is if the meddling by the FBI/DOJ/CIA and members of Obama’s White House was legal and badly handled or illegal. That is an open question I hope we get a definitive answer to.

I have faith that if left to each individual, on balance people will make fine decisions as to what is best for their families, the country and themselves.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a bit more on these issues.



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