We’re out of Afghanistan. Yippee and about time. Promise kept.

There has been considerable criticism that the withdrawal didn’t go according to plan. Fair enough. Now, name the military campaign that did!

We captured/killed Osama bin Laden. The SEALs practiced in a specially built compound identical to the one in Pakistan. Of course, in the practices one of the helicopters didn’t crash like it did on the big day.

Normandy/D-Day/Operation Overlord: You’ve heard of that perfectly flawless attack. It was undertaken in really crappy weather. Lots of our bombers that were charged with softening the beach eliminating the land mines and gun emplacements overshot the beach in the fog and dropped their payloads on farmland and pastures. Zero casualties unless you count unfortunate farm animals. That’s one way to make schnitzel.

One plane, unable to maintain airspeed and altitude because of engine failure, managed to hit the beach before ditching on the way back. Not part of the planning, I suspect.

Then the tanks. Some super genius thought we could just put a propeller on them, rig some canvas tents around them, and float them onto the shore. Think floating anvil. Most sunk immediately after launch; the few that made the beach promptly got stuck.

War is messy. There are always casualties/friendly fire/collateral damage. Maybe your parents didn’t tell you about going back home afterward and not being able to find your house or the street it was on. That’s a whole different kind of house flipping.

Maybe one of the more knowledgeable readers could write in about some epic battle where everything went according to plan.STEVE ZIELONKO