An Open Letter to Gov. Sununu, Secretary of State Bill Gardner, Acting Attorney General Jane Young, et al:

We, the citizens of New Hampshire, need you to demonstrate that you are committed to assuring New Hampshire voters that the election results from the Nov. 3, 2020, election are accurate with regard to voting machine counts.

Since we know that the Windham results for state House offices were over 9 percent inaccurate in a recount, this needs to start with the voting machines in Windham.

A hand count of all ballots from Windham for every office needs to occur, to compare results to the vote totals generated by the machines used to count the ballots.

All this needs to be done with volunteers from the towns involved, both Democrat and Republican, current N.H. House and Senate observers, and as many other observers as is deemed necessary to guarantee there is accuracy concerning the results.

We should also randomly choose a few other towns that used machines to compare result accuracy on a larger scale.

One of the most important issues in New Hampshire is to assure all citizens that election results in the state are accurate from the Nov. 3 election and enact any necessary legislative changes to assure accurate vote counts in the future. Nothing less is acceptable.

If necessary to assure accuracy, New Hampshire should consider legislation to hand count ballots, since the country of Australia has shown the ability to always hand count all ballots.