Recent actions of several mostly southern states has focused on the repeal of women’s reproductive rights.

First, there is a difference between a zygote or fetus and a child, but one thing is certain: Up to a certain point of viability, it is not an independent being, it is part of the host. The pro-life movement places emphasis on the fetus, and in many ways disregards the women completely.

As a former member of the N.H. House Judiciary Committee, I think I heard every attempt to limit/eliminate abortion. In my last year alone there were 16 different bills reviewed.

Many of the bills hinged on morality … but whose morality? In a pluralistic cultural/religious society such as ours, there are many views on morality. But some, like the Catholic Diocese (their lobbyist always appeared in support), believe theirs should dictate for all.

Many of the arguments were associated with religion (and thousands-of-years-old texts). Google has told me that abortion, per se, does not appear in the Bible. But of course, there is much in that text that is open to interpretation.

Throughout the world, then and now (including in this country), women have been dominated by men who determine rights, justice and equality for women. It is ironic that so many men seem to want to end a woman’s right, which is perhaps a throwback to male dominance (which does appear in the Bible).

In the case of the new Alabama law, it does not allow an exception for abortion in the case of rape or incest. The message is clear … men can have their way with females (adult and child) … and too bad for them!

What the pro-life people seem to overlook are other aspects of “life,” such as the plight of low-income pregnant women (higher-income women will always find a means of abortion). Then there is the plight of unwanted children prone to neglect or abuse. The rate of abortions is down and we should look at ways to reduce it further, like access to birth control and sex education, which is also opposed by some.

One thing is certain: We should not be trampling on the rights of women to privacy and to govern their own bodies as they see fit.


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