Carthage was utterly defeated by Rome in 146 BC. It practiced infant sacrifice and there is little doubt it considered itself to be a modern society much like the United States regards itself today. It had various reasons for state infanticide some of which mirror the motives of politicians, academics and citizens in today’s society.

Personal convenience, wealth preservation, eradication of the deformed and the good of the community as a whole were reasons that parallel Roe v. Wade in contemporary U.S. culture and Ralph Northam’s notion of comfortably humane starvation of full-term infants reflects Carthage in ways that make some of us cringe.

As is the case today, the babies in Carthage had little choice in the matter because the barbaric practice was carried out to make life better for the adults. Human sacrifice is so widespread in western nations, particularly in the U.S. under the false flag of “choice,” that it is not regarded as barbaric but advertised as a benefit to women and society at large. Again, it is sold as a benefit to the community as a whole.

In modern America abortion, or infant sacrifice, is used as a regulating agent to control the breeding of disfavored races of humans, as they are vastly overrepresented in the carnage. There is scant evidence that Carthage used its infanticide to cull the human herd of undesirables, as the U.S. is doing today.

Following its defeat, Carthage abandoned the practice of human sacrifice and there was probably a backlash among the people who had been proselytized to believe it was necessary for the prosperity of the people.

Oddly, in 1973 the practice gained favor again in the U.S. under the banner of Roe v. Wade and the spark of divinity of millions of souls are extinguished in the drains of health clinics across the nation. A huge modern cottage industry of extermination has propagated and has brought great wealth to the operators of a vast modern death industry.

A contemporary effort to bring the U.S. back from the atavistic depths of an ancient killing field is underway in Alabama, as that state’s governor has signed legislation into law banning this infanticide. The moneyed perpetrators will dig in for a fight as they see power and influence slipping away.

It’s time for the United States to follow Carthage by rejecting the barbarism of state-sponsored infanticide. Absolute power corrupts absolutely; acquiescing makes us all culpable.


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