Last year, we had the worst food shortages worldwide in many decades, with 851 million people malnourished, 130 million people who experienced acute starvation and 11.205 million people who died from starvation.

This is 5.96 people dying from starvation for every person who died of COVID. The global COVID death total on Dec. 31 was 1.88 million people. Concerns have already been expressed that we could lose many times as many people to starvation this coming year if we do nothing.

As a result we need to have all our farmers raising crops this year, so we don’t have a much larger number people dying from starvation.

China is buying up all the food crops it can because they had a very poor year throughout their country for crops this past year. You will probably see food prices rise to where it will become harder for even the middle class to make ends meet next year. We need to have all our people working now to produce the goods now that we need to survive and be prosperous.

What was the cause of so many people starving this past year in the third world? The lockdown and fewer people working provided less money for people in the third-world countries to purchase food and the things they needed to survive. The U.N. did take emergency measures to provide additional money for food, but with the pandemic, not enough food was grown to make up for the shortages even with all the additional money. Also, when not everyone is working, there is less prosperity being created.

Because the Chinese are buying up a large part of this year’s crops, I expect prices to rise extensively by next winter. As a result concern is being expressed that in the third-world, we could be seeing twice as many people dying of starvation this year.

Let’s also take a larger lesson out of this; lockdowns worldwide seem to be the primary cause of greater starvation worldwide. By them our world avoided a smaller crisis to artificially create a much larger one. If presented with a similar crisis in the future, we need to consider if lockdowns are the best course of action.

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