This is a shout out to all kids at every level who diligently, equably, and safely made it through the school year.

Who may have struggled, stumbled, and sweated their way through subjects that seemed difficult at first, but learned persistence and resilience along with information and skills.

Who showed kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect to others in the classroom, the playground, the lunchroom, and the bus. There are many ways to be a positive member of a learning community, and each and every way you participate matters.

This is a shout out to the teachers who, under great pressure, (the average classroom teacher makes at least 1,500 educational decisions every school day) met the many needs of the learners entrusted to their care while also preparing/providing high quality instruction, assessing/reporting achievement, conferring with parents, collaborating with colleagues and pursuing professional development.

This is a shout out to the paraprofessionals who assist teachers in meeting the needs of every student.

Who quietly make important differences in classrooms, hallways, playgrounds every day.

Who notice what the shy kids trying to disappear are doing, give a boost to the kids who need extra practice and time, reassure those learners who didn’t get it the first time, and give extra pats on the back.

Here’s to the maintenance staff who, day after day, clean and repair classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, sidewalks, and advise plumbers, electricians and HVAC folks on the idiosyncrasies of the building, and do their best to meet the various requests from students and staff who need their help.

Here’s to the cafeteria staff, who do their utmost to cheerfully provide attractive, delicious, nutritious lunches using available resources within a tight budget.

Here’s to the administrators who carefully, respectfully support faculty and staff in the arduous tasks of meeting a million different expectations every day.

Who advocate for children and families in the pursuit of the best possible education plan.

Who clearly and concretely reiterate and embody the highest mission of public education in every meeting and interaction with the community.

Last, but by no means least, a shout out to families who ensure their child’s best possible physical, emotional and mental well-being so the highest quality learning may occur, thus ushering in a bright future for us all.


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