We now experience measures of human behavior control never before used on humanity. Of course, they are all supposed to serve “the greater good.” Are they really?

Thousands of scientists and doctors worldwide question this assumption. Those voices are censored here. They should be heard if we have an open democracy. One example: Mark Woolhouse, chair of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Edinburgh, was one of five experts voting for the UK’s emergency measures in March 2020.

Later this year, he explained he had agreed to the lockdown, because he didn’t know what else to do at that time. But now, seeing the effects of the measures, he has concluded that they are doing more harm than good. I believe it’s high time to consider the harm versus benefits question.

Many New Hampshire citizens are deeply concerned about the effect of distancing and masking on children. They have signed a petition. They cite one of Europe’s leading neurologists, Dr. Margaretta Griesz-Brisson, who says that forcing children to wear masks is criminal because their brains crave oxygen and its restriction can lead to irreversible damage (http://bit.ly/3dAkHhC).

Besides biological harms, masks seriously compromise speaking and listening and block crucial non-verbal cues. Children need to see faces to understand their social world. They are being routinely denied seeing others’ smiling affirmations. Fortunately, the Oct. 14 New York Times also pays attention (“How the Pandemic Is Affecting What Babies and Toddlers Learn.”)

So please go to https://riseupnh.org. Read the articles. Consider signing the petition.


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