I was so sorry to read about the anti-maskers’ invasion of the Monadnock Food Co-op this past Sat. March 13; a terrific business and asset for Cheshire County by the way.

A video of this invasion may be found on YouTube, if still available. One of the laughable boy-leaders of the invasion narrated and videotaped this pitiful demonstration, but who, along with his loud-talking, intimidating cohorts, offered little personal identity. Many of these individuals were not from Keene.

I want to thank the wonderful Keene city police officers who responded and calmly listened to the aforementioned “brave insurrectionists” who later were informed that the Co-op was private property and that they must leave.

Prior to leaving, the one boy-leader repeatedly told the police that their protest was equivalent to Rosa Parks’ refusal to sit at the back of the bus. This comparison is laughable at best, if not incredibly sad. This young man apparently knows nothing about the late Ms. Parks’ experiences ... or maybe it says a lot if one reads between the lines and examines his sly manipulative reference of that historical event.

After witnessing the horrendous assault, mayhem, and threats of murder by traitorous white nationalists at our Capitol on Jan. 6, I have no empathy for self-serving neanderthals and their willful lack of enlightenment.

Keep up the good work, Monadnock Food Co-op, in keeping your clientele and staff safe by insisting that masks be worn!