The day of the all electric vehicle is fast approaching, if not already here. This brings the possibility of a new and great benefit to the area, if we grasp the opportunity.

Picture an all-electric touring trail with free charging stations provided by cities on the trail; possibly a loop through New Hampshire and Vermont (an all-electric green loop) with charging stations that are free and funded by cities or state and local businesses. Think of the economic benefits to hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and businesses in general. One could tour the all-electric “greenway” without feeling guilty about contributing to the carbon problem and with no fuel bill to pay.

Visit the Wall Dogs’ paintings on a walking or biking tour; have dinner or lunch at one of our fine restaurants; climb Monadnock; enjoy the summer theater. Enjoy the many experiences in places that exist in other towns and cities along the “electric trail.”

Sure, this is just an idea, a concept at this point, but I think it has great possibilities!

I realize that there are many tours already in existence, such as the covered bridge tour, but a free electric charging trail could tie many of the existing tourist type experiences in a unique way that will benefit all business on the trail.


11 Marguerite St., Keene