If a measure of a region’s self-belief can be found in the level of its support for community organizations serving its residents and enriching their lives, the Monadnock Region surely scores high. This corner of New Hampshire abounds with volunteer and professional nonprofit organizations that touch virtually all who live here, not only to improve day-to-day living by addressing basic needs — food, housing security, health care, mental wellbeing and developmental concerns among them — but also to enhance the area’s cultural life, recreational offerings and natural charms.

And those organizations have been able to achieve as much as they have through the generosity of so many who demonstrate their care and concern for these organizations through private donations that help provide the financial resources enabling their work. The organizations themselves are very aware of this quality of Monadnock Region residents, time and again remarking in grateful wonderment how often people in the region “step up” to help meet the need.

Given that, it may seem unnecessary to call attention to an upcoming opportunity to support area nonprofits. Yet anyone who might be looking to help out can find a convenient way to identify and aid any one of a large number of area organizations during a 24-hour window beginning next Tuesday, June 7, at 5 p.m.

The initiative — NH Gives — is hosted annually by the N.H. Center for Nonprofits, itself a nonprofit that provides programs and resources to support all the state’s nonprofits. The center says NH Gives has become New Hampshire’s largest day of charitable giving and serves as an important means of raising money and awareness for the participating organizations. It does this through a secure online platform — found at www.nhgives.org — through which donors can easily contribute to nonprofits of their choice.

What makes NH Gives unique is that you can search by name of organization, location or even the specific cause you might be considering supporting, such as poverty and hunger, health and wellness, homelessness or the arts and culture. Participating organizations include about 75 nonprofits based in the Monadnock Region. Overall, there are some 600 across the state participating, and, in addition to their statewide programs, many of them direct programs specifically benefiting southwestern New Hampshire.

NH Gives performs a vetting function to assure, its website says, “donors can trust that each organization is a nonprofit in good standing with the IRS and the NH Charitable Trusts Unit.” But an additional reason to consider giving through NH Gives is that your donation may be further leveraged through a $150,000 bonus pool that organizations may qualify for, by matching funds donated to benefit individual organizations or by additional prize money that Monadnock Region nonprofits can earn, for instance, for the largest amount of donations or number of donors during the window.

Supporting organizations during the NH Gives day-of-giving is of course only one way to help worthy causes, and there are certainly other deserving organizations which, for their own very good reasons, may choose not to participate. And all of them have needs and will welcome any support at any time of the year. No doubt, with inflation on the rise and other ongoing pressures, not all who might want to provide help may be in a position to do so. But we’re confident that, whether next week through NH Gives or at later times, this region will continue to step up.

(For disclosure, we note Sentinel President and COO Terrence Williams, who is not part of the editorial board, is a N.H. Center for Nonprofits board member.)

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