John McGauley

    John McGauley has worked as an editor and reporter at both the Quincy (Ill.) Herald-Whig and at Associated Press in Chicago. For a quarter century he worked in public relations until 2013 when he sold his agency. He is the author of four novels, all available on Amazon Kindle. His column is a mix of both lighthearted and serious topics, all with a wry look at Keene and the Monadnock region.

    I often wonder what will happen to the United States. When you’re in the moment, with information whizzing by at a dizzying rate but with little or no analysis, it’s impossible to imagine what it all means in the long run. I don’t mean in a year, or with the next presidential election, but t…

    I read the other day that a poll showed Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump in the Lone Star State. Are you kidding me? I’ll walk down Main Street in Keene dressed as Ginger from “Gilligan’s Island” if a Democratic presidential candidate carries Texas in 2020.

    It is the day that Christ was born. Christmas. Tuesday this year. Why are so many companies even open on Monday? Two more shopping days from today, although W algreens and CVS are open on Christmas Day itself, for you louts who haven’t bought anything for your wives or girlfriends. Can you s…

    School started this week, so I’m taking the opportunity to write a short primer that you parents, grandparents or guardians can read to the kids, since few children pick up the Sunday newspaper with their cup of coffee. Remember, it’s to be recited to them. Sit them down.

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