MANCHESTER — Hillsborough County’s top prosecutor said he plans to confer with New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney about questions arising from the arrest of Christopher Micklovich outside a Manchester bar in March.

On Monday, Hillsborough County Attorney Robert Walsh said he has not seen the Manchester Police Department’s internal investigation into the arrest of Micklovich, and he knew it was completed only by reading about it in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Walsh also said no prosecution has been referred to his office.

“The Attorney General is chief law enforcement officer of the state. I want to confer with him before doing anything,” Walsh said.

On March 3, four off-duty police officers arrested Micklovich outside the Strange Brew Tavern, after he allegedly shouted obscenities, struggled with a bouncer and refused to leave when escorted outside the bar.

Police accuse Micklovich, 32, of striking one of the officers with his fists.

But Micklovich claims he was held down, kicked in the face and head. Micklovich alleged he suffered two broken eye sockets and a broken nose during the incident. His mug shot included dried blood and a bump at his hairline and a stream of dried blood from his swollen-shut left eye.

It is the second incident involving off-duty police at the bar. Last month, police Officer Ryan Nardone resigned after being found guilty of punching a Strange Brew patron who, Nardone claimed, grabbed his fiancee’s buttocks in the bar.

Last week, Manchester Police Chief David Mara said the investigation had been completed. Mara said the report deals with a personnel matter, which is confidential under state law and will not be released to the public.

However, it appears the matter may soon be heard in a court. Yesterday, a police captain denied a request by the New Hampshire Union Leader for copies of taped 911 calls on the morning Micklovich was arrested. The reason? Police Capt. James Kinney said the Micklovich case involves pending litigation.

“I have contacted the City Solicitor’s Office and the information that you request is part of a case that is pending litigation. Due to that fact, we will not be able to comply with your request at this time,” Kinney wrote.