Waiting game

In this file photo from Keene’s city election in November 2017, Ward 4 Selectman Dave Bulger waits for voters while manning the ballot box at Symonds School. Bulger was reelected to a two-year term that day.

Nearly 60 Keene residents have filed to put their names on the ballot in the city election this year, including three mayoral candidates and more than two dozen contenders spread across 11 council seats.

Almost all elected positions in the city come with a two-year term, including the mayor, at-large councilors and election officers. The exception is ward councilors, who serve staggered four-year terms.

Though the period to declare one’s candidacy ended Tuesday, residents can still file by petition through 5 p.m. Friday. There’s no fee, but the petition must include 50 signatures from voters registered in the part of the city the candidate would represent. Paperwork is available at the city clerk’s office.

As of the Tuesday deadline, there are three candidates in the mayoral race: Ward 2 Councilor Mitchell H. Greenwald, 67, owner of Greenwald Realty Associates; At-large Councilor George S. Hansel, 33, co-owner and operations manager at Filtrine Manufacturing Co.; and Nobody, 50, a computer programmer who was known as Rich Paul before legally changing his name.

Thirteen people are running for five councilor-at-large seats, including incumbents Kate M. Bosley, 40, general manager of Comfort Keepers; Bettina A. Chadbourne, 60, self-employed; and Randy L. Filiault, 63, who works in sales. Ward 1 Councilor Stephen L. Hooper, a professional photographer and owner of Hooper Visuals, will not seek a second term in his position and is instead running at large.

The other nine candidates are:

Anthony Boame, 25, a digital sales representative at The Keene Sentinel

Ian Freeman, 39, founder of the Bitcoin Embassy in Keene and host of the radio show “Free Talk Live”

Allen Raymond, 28, produce manager at the Monadnock Food Co-op

Michael J. Remy, 30, director of operations finance at C&S Wholesale Grocers

Matthew D. “Matt” Roach, 43, area representative for Trupanion pet insurance

Todd A. Rogers, 51, self-employed contractor and owner of Life Construction

Peter A. Starkey, 27, executive director of Monadnock Peer Support and former Keene Board of Education member

Nathaniel M. Stout, 67, a former city councilor and recently retired communications professional

John W. Therriault, 65, a beekeeper and retired general manager of high-tech businesses

Since each of the city’s five wards has two councilors with staggered terms, there are typically five ward councilors on the ballot every two years. There’s a sixth ward seat up for grabs in this election, however, with a two-year term due to the midterm resignation of then-Ward 4 Councilor Margaret M. “Maggie” Rice.

Ward 1

Two residents declared their candidacy for Hooper’s council seat: Robert S. Crowell, 66, a retired captain of the Keene Fire Department, and Raleigh Ormerod, who was not reachable for comment Wednesday evening.

Each ward has several election officers: moderator, clerk, checklist supervisor and three selectmen. Those on the ballot in Ward 1 include the following:

Colin R. “Bob” Lyle for moderator

Elizabeth C. Sayre for clerk

Jane Ellsworth for checklist supervisor

Kim Maleski and Ruzzel Zullo for selectmen

Ward 2

Councilor Carl B. Jacobs announced he would not run for re-election and filed for selectman of his ward instead. Four people will face off for his seat.

Aria DiMezzo, whose legal name is James Baker, 32, is an author and a co-host of “Free Talk Live.” Teresa “Terri” O’Rorke is semi-retired after a career as an emergency medical technician and is an author. She wasn’t reachable for comment Wednesday to confirm her age. Robert C. “Bobby” Williams, 42, is a software developer. Erik D. Willis, 43, is a cook at the Monadnock Food Co-op and calls himself a “budding entrepreneur.”

Election officers on the ballot include the following:

Matthew McKeon for moderator

Jamie L.J. White for clerk

Linda Haas for checklist supervisor

And five people for three selectmen slots: Councilor Jacobs, Robert Beard, Wesley J. Cobb, Charles “Chuck” Weed and Nancy Wilkinson

Ward 3

Councilor David C. Richards, 55, senior security manager at C&S Wholesale Grocers, has no challengers for his seat.

Election officers on the ballot include the following:

Lucinda McKeon for moderator

Kathleen M. Richards for clerk

Carol A. Lynch for checklist supervisor

John McKeon and Charles “Charlie” Stone for selectmen

Ward 4

Councilor Robert B. Sutherland, 53, didn’t declare his candidacy by Tuesday’s deadline. He told The Sentinel Aug. 25 that he intended to run again, but hadn’t made a final decision.

Sutherland, who works in business development in the market research industry, wrote in a text message Wednesday evening that, if he gains enough write-in votes in the Oct. 8 primary to make it into the general election Nov. 5, he might reconsider running again.

Robert J. Call and Gladys Johnsen, a former state representative, are vying for his seat. Neither was reachable for comment Wednesday evening.

For the midterm vacancy in Ward 4, Robert J. O’Connor, 50, a former councilor and career law enforcement officer, was elected by the council Aug. 1 to serve until the end of the calendar year. He is running to retake the seat in the November election and will face Conan Salada, 40, a rural post office carrier and an online reseller, and Catherine “Catt” Workman, 35, a welfare eligibility worker with the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services.

Election officers on the ballot include the following:

Ellen Wishart for moderator

Claudette Nicholas for clerk

Claire Coey for checklist supervisor

Nancy Ancharski, Paul Krautmann and Margaret Simonds for selectmen

Ward 5

Councilor Thomas F. Powers, a semi-retired former Keene police chief, is running unopposed for a third term in office.

Election officers on the ballot include the following:

James Fay for moderator

Barbara Berry for clerk

Sylvie L. Rice for checklist supervisor

Richard Berry, Nancy Lane Stone and Sandra VandeKauter for selectmen

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