WINCHESTER — Winchester police are investigating after an Ashuelot couple reported that an object appeared to have broken their window Tuesday afternoon.

Deb Gaouette said she had just left the living room of her Ashuelot Main Street home when she heard glass breaking in the room. She found a hole in a window that faces the road as well as shards of glass on the couch. Gaouette said police later found a small ball that appeared to be steel and was about the size of a marble near the window sill.

Neither Gaouette nor her boyfriend, Claude Gaudreau, who she said has lived in the home for 20 years, were injured in the incident, and no property was damaged besides the broken window.

Gaouette said she believes the ball was projected or launched at the house but did not hear a gunshot or a car outside before the window broke.

“It certainly was powerful enough to go through a screen” and window pane, she said Wednesday.

Det. Michael Carrier said Winchester police responded to the home around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday. He said police found a small projectile that went through one pane of a two-pane window. He said it was not consistent with a pellet gun but declined to speculate on the manner in which the object was launched.

Carrier declined to say whether there are any suspects, citing the active investigation, but noted that police will review surveillance footage in the area, if any is available.

Gaouette and Gaudreau explained that police removed the damaged window pane, which they said could take up to four weeks to replace. In the meantime, they may replace the pane with one from upstairs and cover that open window with tape until new glass can be installed.

The couple thinks their home may have been targeted because of various paraphernalia in the front yard expressing support for President Donald Trump, including a pro-Trump sign next to the damaged window.

“We don’t have any enemies that we know of,” Gaouette said.

Carrier said police have no evidence at this point to either confirm or contradict that theory.

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