During the recent Democrat Party candidates’ forum (why is this circus called a debate?), Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard made the point that she, as president, would not get into more war — after all, your country has been engaged in never-ending war since 2001 (that is 18 years) without any evidence that your country is winning the war. Why start more war?

I think that it is informative that not a single other candidate on the stage voiced agreement with her. Not one. Discussion of war is taboo.

I find it also informative that not a single question was asked about never-ending war or the proposed $750 billion FY 2020 Defense (war) budget. Yes, NBC, CNN, Fox, etc. are bought and paid for by the military-industrial-congressional complex. Questions of war are taboo.

Hey, Democrat candidates and supporters, it is past time when you admit that you are all-in on war-without-end. Shame on you.

One other thing: Is everyone as tired of Rachel Maddow as I am?


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