20211004-LOC-swanzey crash2

Firefighters arrive at the scene of a crash at Hyperbaric Fitness in Swanzey (above). Firefighters from Keene and Swanzey (left) work to shore up the building, which was damaged when a car crashed through a wall of the building Sunday.

Photos by Swanzey Fire Chief Bill Gould

SWANZEY — A vehicle crashed through a wall at a hyperbaric oxygen therapy center in Swanzey on Sunday afternoon, according to Fire Chief Bill Gould. He said that while there were people inside the business at the time of the crash, no one inside the building was injured.

The driver of the vehicle was transported to Cheshire Medical Center in Keene for non-life-threatening injuries, Gould said.

Shortly after 1 p.m., a vehicle in front of Hyperbaric Fitness went forward when the driver intended to reverse direction, Gould said, causing the vehicle to take down part of the building wall. The vehicle’s airbags fully deployed, Gould said, which indicates that the impact was significant.

He said the driver was transported by DiLuzio Ambulance to the hospital as a precaution.

However, the chief said the structural integrity of the building was compromised when the wall was pushed in. Swanzey firefighters were joined by Keene Fire Department personnel, who Gould said have more extensive training in structure collapse and shoring — the process of providing temporary support for structures in danger of collapsing.

The chief said the building is not a total loss but that it will require extensive repair work to make operational again.

Gould said the Swanzey Police Department also responded to the scene and is carrying out an investigation into the crash. But he noted that at this time the crash appears to have been accidental. The identity of the driver was not released.

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