Two local state legislators, both Keene Democrats, recently endorsed presidential candidates in letters to the editor sent to The Sentinel.

N.H. Rep. E. John Bordenet declared his support for Andrew Yang of New York, whereas state Rep. Alexander H. “Sparky” Von Plinsky 4th is backing U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

In his letter, published Tuesday, Bordenet said that after struggling this primary cycle to pick a preferred candidate, he settled on Yang after last month’s Democratic debate in Los Angeles.

Yang “answered the moderator’s questions. He didn’t answer with a segment of his stump speech. How refreshing!” Bordenet wrote.

“Andrew Yang is a successful entrepreneur with interesting ideas,” Bordenet, who represents Keene’s Ward 2 in Cheshire House District 5, wrote later in the letter. “He has a quirky sense of humor which makes me laugh out loud. I trust him to lead us forward.”

In his own letter, sent Wednesday, Von Plinsky wrote: “In order to create a United States that can live up to its own dream we need a President whose solutions are as momentous as the challenges staring us down. A leader who understands that a minor tweak here or there will accomplish nothing. A leader willing to change the game that has been rigged against us all.”

Though noting he’ll support “whichever candidate is not named Donald Trump” in November’s general election, Von Plinsky said on New Hampshire’s primary day Feb. 11, he’ll be casting his ballot for Sanders.