Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1969

Safety is the by-word among school, city and state officials as Keene begins the 1969-70 school year. “It looks as if our estimates are approximately correct,” said school superintendent John W. Day this morning. “There will be about 4,750 pupils in the schools of Keene this year. Day said he urged Keene teachers at a pre-school meeting yesterday to instruct all children immediately concerning safety in crossing streets, riding bicycles and safety in the classroom.

Legal obstacles finally tripped up the Charter Commission last night, and the panel voted 4-1 to omit proposed changes in Keene’s ward boundaries from an amended city charter which will be offered for voter consideration on a November referendum ballot.

Saturday, Sept. 3, 1994

HOPKINTON — Some attendees of the Hopkinton State Fair booed several Native Americans who were protesting the use of a sacred feather in a wild west show. Blue Hawk and some friends were offended primarily to an imitation single-feather headdress and skimpy imitation buckskin outfit worn by a female rider during the performance.

LOS ANGELES — The mystery envelope in the O.J. Simpson case contains a knife with no significant evidence on it that Simpson bought several weeks before his ex-wife and her friend were killed, a source told The Associated Press. After the defense kept the contents secret for two months, a judge ordered that two reports on the envelope be turned over to prosecutors.