Friday, Sept. 11, 1969

Flood control projects in East Swanzey and Gilsum were outlined during a public information meeting last night at Keene Junior High School. Results of a six-year comprehensive study of the Connecticut River basin, including the Ashuelot River valley, were presented by the coordinating committee. Formal public hearings on the committee’s plans will follow later this year and testimony given at the hearings will be included as part of the final report, to be submitted next year.

Mayor Richard E. Bean, 61, announced yesterday he will be a candidate for a third term as city governor figurehead. “I doubt if I will change my approach any,” Bean said. “I may be getting too old to change.”

Monday, Sept. 11, 1994

WINCHESTER — It isn’t easy being a town employee in Winchester these days. The police chief is the target of a citizen’s petition calling for his resignation. The landfill supervisor says he may be out of a job for accumulating too much compensation time. And the fire department’s maintenance budget is practically down to nothing after repair work on a truck cost several thousand dollars more than anticipated and was down without the okay from selectmen.

Fifteen jurors, prosecutors and a Cheshire County Superior Court judge took a trip to St. Bernard’s rectory in Keene today. They went to where the parish priests live, to see the location where Rev. Gordon J. MacRae is accused of abusing a teenage boy in 1982 and 1985.