Wednesday, Sept. 10, 1969

The City Council’s Finance Committee was divided again last night on which section of the city’s drainage system needs improvement immediately. The group voted 2-1 against including a $145,000 project to rebuild Beaver Brook walls from Beaver to Spring streets and a $42,000 allocation for a new Baker Street bridge.

CONCORD — The N.H. Medical Society has accused the legislature of failing to meet its responsibilities to the poor, the elderly, the mentally deficient and the drug addicted. Dr. Jesse M. Galt of Dover, president of the society, said Tuesday the group feels the 1969 session of the legislature was unwilling to face the state’s basic needs in medical and health care.

Saturday, Sept. 10, 1994

Though Tuesday is only a primary election, it’ll settle what’s arguably the area’s most contentious and closely watched campaign this fall. Either Cheshire County Attorney David S. Park or his assistant, William M. Albrecht 4th, will win Tuesday’s Republican race to be the county’s top prosecutor.

Forget the economy, taxes are the issue in the primary campaign. At least that’s what challenges for Gov. Stephen E. Merrill’s job appear to be telling themselves. Ask a candidate about the state of New Hampshire’s economy and you’ll likely get an answer couched in terms of tax policy.