Saturday, Sept. 26, 1970

A plea for a new county courthouse was made this week by Superior Court Judge Richard P. Dunfey. Unless a new building is erected in the immediate future, he said a current two-year delay in hearing a civil case will be extended to five years.

Nine days ago, two Keene police officers used a chemical spray to subdue three Keene High School truants. “The use of it in this incident is being investigated,” City Manager James Hobart said yesterday. The chemical spray is “Curb 60,” a water-based tear gas.

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 1995

School board members dream about it: A wealthy person strolls into a meeting and announces that, to solve a problem with overcrowding, he and a friend want to pay for a new elementary school. It came true Monday night to the Fall Mountain Regional School Board. Harvey D. Hill and Paul St. Pierre, both of Charlestown, have offered to hand over $450,000 plus two possible construction plans, for a new elementary school in North Charlestown.

After two years of bumper acorn crops, this fall’s slim supply is sending animals scurrying. Without an abundance of acorns, animals will be wandering more for their food this fall, according to wildlife biologists. That will mean plenty of flattened squirrels, marauding bears and rodents trying to get indoors.