Saturday, Oct. 4, 1969

It’s painted solid green with no outside markings. If it were made out of cement, it would be a floating armory. The N.H. State Police call it simply the “riot van.” From the outside it could be a bakery delivery truck or a large camper, but contained inside is enough sophisticated crowd-control equipment and radio gear to outfit and dispatch more than 100 law enforcement officers for riot quelling.

CONCORD — The Department of Health and Welfare is working so close to budgetary limits there is little potential for extensive savings, a consultants’ report said Friday. Macro Associated reported to Gov. Walter Peterson’s Citizens Task Force on State Government Operations that the expenditures for social services are expected to increase by 90 percent by 1975.

Tuesday, Oct. 4, 1994

Cheshire Medical Center directors decide Thursday whether to trade some local control for a role in designing the future of health care in New Hampshire. The Keene hospital and five others are negotiating to form a giant parent company called United Community Health Systems.

GILFORD — The shooting death of a SWAT officer by a man despondent over his wife’s death apparently occurred as police stormed the barricaded house thinking they had disoriented the man. James Monsante shot Sgt. James Noyes through a window of his home after police fired a stun grenade and pepper gas into the home, Attorney General Jeffrey Howard said this morning.