Friday, Oct. 31, 1969

In what may have been his last press conference as Keene’s mayor, Richard E. Bean said yesterday there is “no question in my mind” that opponents of a revised city charter are trying to throw up a smoke screen just before election day. “I think it’s a crying shame that opponents of this charter wait until the last minute to bring up objections to it,” Bean said.

The Keene Evening Sentinel will hold an Open House next Thursday in observation of the newspaper’s 170th anniversary. Doors at the plant at 60 West St. will open at 7 p.m. and staff members will be on hand in every department to show visitors through the newspaper. A battery of Linotype operators will be on duty to set everyone’s name in print.

Monday, Oct. 31, 1994

Early Sunday morning, downtown Keene had an orange hangover. Carved-up pumpkins were scattered everywhere, looking messy in the thin morning light. After the incredible record-breaking festivities that produced 10,540 glowing jack-o’-lanterns Saturday night, a massive cleanup was underway.

LOS ANGELES — On the anniversary of Orson Welles’ legendary “War of the Worlds,” another show intended as entertainment and broadcast in the form of a news report caused confusion around the country. The CBS movie “Without Warning” about an asteroid shower striking Earth triggered hundreds of phone calls worldwide.