Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1969

Robert M. Clark Jr. was the top vote-getter in every ward in Keene yesterday and emerged from the primary as the man to beat in the race for mayor. Second in the three-way mayoral primary was William H. Kennedy, who edged Mayor Richard E. Bean by 74 votes to foil Bean’s bid for a third consecutive term in the city’s highest elective office.

CONCORD — A cent-a-gallon hike in the gasoline tax was recommended today to pay for the increased cost of highway construction in New Hampshire. The transportation subcommittee of the citizens Task Force on state government said the money also is needed to build additional highways needed to handle heavier traffic use.

Saturday, Oct. 8, 1994

ACWORTH — Dave McWethy stopped at more than 200 households in the past year, asking for water or a meal or a place to rest. Only a handful said no. That’s what he’ll remember most about his 11-month, 3,000-mile trip across the country. clopping along in a wagon drawn by his trio of Norwegian Fjord horses, named Pella, Kveppen and Signa. “I think adventures have to do with vulnerability,” McWethy said. “You have to open yourself up to different experiences.”

WASHINGTON — With health-care legislation dead, lobbying reform dying and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade on hold, the 103rd Congress limped its way Friday toward a temporary adjournment.