Tuesday, Oct. 7, 1969

The communication link between the Keene city manager’s office and the Keene Police Commission is deteriorating. The commission met yesterday with Police Chief Albion E. Metcalf, and each complained that the city manager was not keeping the department informed on actions affecting police department matters.

According to officials at the Division of Public Health in Concord, Cheshire County has been the target for an unusually high rate of infectious hepatitis from Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, 1969. The recent outbreak of the disease has been under investigation by a team of state and local community health officers.

Friday, Oct. 7, 1994

A major step toward industrial development was taken Thursday night by the Keene City Council. First, the council added 55 acres to the 414 acres in northwest Keene that it had decided earlier this year to rezone as corporate park. Then, to make the site usable, the council voted to spend $185,000 to design plans to extend water and sewer lines north along Route 12 to reach the property.

“I don’t think he’ll ever admit to himself what he did,” Thomas Grover said Thursday, after an utterly calm Gordon J. MacRae pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting three other boys in the 1980s. MacRae was convicted Sept. 23 of five sexual assaults on Grover in 1983, when he was 15, at the rectory of St. Bernard’s Church in Keene, where MacRae was a Roman Catholic priest.