Thursday, Oct. 9, 1969

People alarmed at his stand in opposition to reappointment of a state racing commissioner and a rehearing for a former Hinsdale Raceway official “have taken upon themselves to embarrass me and link me somehow with the internal management of Hinsdale Raceway,” Executive Councilor Bernard A. Streeter Jr. of Nashua said today. Streeter was replying to a report in the Manchester Union Leader today that he had been wined and dined by the Hinsdale management and that a relative of his had been awarded a $45,000 contract to paint buildings at the track when a lower bid had been submitted.

Students from Keene State College and Franklin Pierce College and residents from Cheshire County are scheduled to assemble in Keene’s Central Square Wednesday, Oct. 15, as part of a nationwide Vietnam moratorium. The local program is being coordinated by the Center for Human Concerns. The goals are “an effort to maximize public pressure to end the war by encouraging a broad cross-section of Americans to work against the Vietnam War.”

Sunday, Oct. 9, 1994

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