Thursday, Oct. 7, 1971

Apparently dissatisfied with working conditions in the Keene Police Department, an undetermined number of patrolmen are trying to form a policemen’s union. This was acknowledged Wednesday by an official of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.

It’s been one year since study began on the possibility of having year-round school in Keene. But still no one seems to know whether such a radical scheduling change is a sound idea or whether Keene residents are ready for the move.

Monday, Oct. 7, 1996

A 25-cent-per-pack tax on cigarettes in Massachusetts instituted Oct. 1 has sent streams of people across the Bay State’s borders to New Hampshire in search of cheap cigarettes.

DUBLIN — New Hampshire communities — including Dublin — can’t keep out communications towers, but one expert says they can regulate them. Robert Ciandella, an Exeter lawyer and recognized expert on the Telecommunications Act of 1996, urges communities to think strategically to control the proliferation of the metal towers, including one proposed for Dublin.