Monday, Oct. 4, 1971

There are 36 candidates running for mayor or seats on the Keene City Council this year, but the field will be whittled down to 22 in tomorrow’s primary election. Two of the four candidates running for mayor will be eliminated.

Members of the Center Platform today charged there is an overrepresentation on the Keene City Council of those “actively involved in real estate” and said “no such predominant interest, real estate or any other business, should control the future of our city.”

Friday, Oct. 4, 1996

You don’t have to go to Skid Row to find drunks — just go to the nearest college campus. More than half of Keene State College students have been on a recent drinking binge, and alcohol has caused almost half the students to miss classes, a recent study says.

Donors have met a $10,000 challenge to keep The Community Kitchen of Keene open. Officials for the cash-starved food bank were planning to close the doors for the first time in the charity’s 13-year history.