Thursday, Oct. 14, 1971

Eastern Airlines has submitted a proposed schedule of air service for northern New England to the Civil Aeronautics Board that includes two round-trip flights daily between Keene and New York City.

WASHINGTON — Congressional discontent over Vietnam has reached the point where the House appears to be on the verge of joining the Senate in voting for a total U.S. military withdrawal from Indochina.

Monday, Oct. 14, 1996

BENNINGTON — A Bennington couple doesn’t want to put up with the noise, dust and traffic that would be kicked up by a gravel operation near their home. But the dispute ended up in court Friday, fraught with charges of deal-making and conflicts of interest among town officials.

Political sign thefts continue in Cheshire County. Two weeks ago, leaders of Cheshire County’s Democratic and Republican parties implored people to stop tearing down each other’s signs.