Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1970

SWANZEY CENTER — The Monadnock Region School Board agreed last night to consider the annexation of the town of Marlow to the co-operative school district. Presently, Marlow operates a two-room school for 53 children in six grades. Children in grades 7-12 are tuitioned to the Keene school system.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court, setting its course for the new term, agreed today to rule on cases involving pornography and mercury pollution but refused to hear appeals from lower court rulings which upset a state abortion law.

Friday, Oct. 13, 1995

NEW YORK — All over the country, people, businesses and churches are preparing for Monday’s march on Washington, D.C., organized by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. The “Million Man March” is being promoted as a day of atonement, prayer and inspiration for black men.

SWANZEY — A forgotten air compressor, recovered after a 1988 burglary, has caused an unusual dispute between Swanzey’s fire chief and selectmen. The three selectmen have refused to pay a $2,620 bill that fire Chief Jeffrey A. Hurt submitted in August for storing an air compressor for more than seven years — $1 for each day of storage.