Tuesday, Nov. 18, 1969

Northeast Airlines, in a schedule effective Dec. 15, will cut its service in Keene by one-third and will eliminate one-day business trips between Keene and New York. The switch, termed “irresponsible” by Ernest L. Bell 3rd, chairman of the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce aviation committee, eliminates a morning flight from Keene to New York and an afternoon flight from New York to Keene.

SPACE CENTER, Houston — Apollo 12’s astronauts looped the moon with unerring precision today, checked out the lander Intrepid and said “we’re ready to go” for a pinpoint touchdown on the Ocean of Storms. “We’ve checked all things we’re supposed to and they’re all shipshape,” Alan L. Bean radioed earth control from Intrepid’s cabin. Bean and Charles “Pete” Conrad planned to unlatch the landing craft from the nose of the command ship Yankee Clipper late tonight and land on the moon at 1:53 a.m. Wednesday. Richard F. Gordon will remain in orbit.

Friday, Nov. 18, 1994

CONCORD — It won’t be long before parents of most 3rd-graders in the state get a letter rating their children’s school work, and many probably are going to be disappointed or angry. What they’ll get are scores from the new test for assessing public education in the state, and because the test last May was more demanding than previous tests, the scores will be down. In fact, of the 15,585 3rd-graders tested statewide in language skills, 33 percent were at the beginner level and 48 percent had only basic knowledge, while 15 percent were proficient and 1 percent were advanced. In math, the numbers were similar: 34 percent, 47 percent, 16 percent and 2 percent.

When a national health magazine rated Albany Medical Center as the best hospital in New York State earlier this week, no one claimed it could raise the dead. But Wednesday afternoon a worker at the hospital’s morgue removed a body bag containing an 86-year-old woman from the morgue’s 40-degree refrigerator — and heard breathing inside. The woman, Mildred Clarke of Albany, N.Y., was rushed into the hospital’s emergency room, and hospital officials said Thursday she had been moved into intensive care, in critical condition.