Friday, Nov. 21, 1969

A Northeast Airlines cutback in air service between Keene and New York scheduled for Dec. 14 is part of a wholesale cutback in service for financial reasons. “The action must be taken at this time because of our financial situation,” Robert E. Griffin, Northeast’s vice president of planning, said in a statement released today. He reported a loss of $8.7 million during the first nine months of 1969.

“It hasn’t been easy to work in a poor-people-be-damned atmosphere from so many quarters. If I have helped in some way, then I will accept the curse placed upon me.” With that statement, Robert R. DeVoid of Troy submitted his resignation as state director of the Office of Economic Opportunity to Gov. Walter R. Peterson, effective Dec. 19.

Monday, Nov. 21, 1994

Up until now, trash being dumped at Keene’s landfill served no useful purpose except maybe as dinner for the hundreds of sea gulls. Not anymore. Starting next week, a new generator will collect methane gas from the landfill and convert it to electricity, saving the city money and helping the environment.

LONDONDERRY — This was supposed to be Keene’s day, Keene’s year, Keene’s title. “State champs” T-shirts were on the premises, ready for post-game distribution. Maybe that’s why it hurt so much, maybe that’s why Londonderry’s 21-0 victory over Keene High School in the Division I state football championship game rendered the teary-eyed Blackbirds dumbfounded.