Nov. 30, 1969

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Nov. 30, 1994

SWANZEY CENTER — Some officials and parents in the Monadnock Regional School District are still scratching their heads over test results for N.H.’s 3rd graders. Like their counterparts elsewhere in the state, Monadnock’s 3rd-grade students did poorly on the test, which was developed to measure how much children in public schools know by 3rd grade. Monadnock administrators explained to a handful of parents that the test is a starting point, and will help officials shape curriculum during the next several years.

NAIROBI, Kenya — Fire engulfed the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro today off Somalia. Three people were reported dead but most of the nearly 1,000 passengers and crew escaped in lifeboats. The ship, which gained notoriety when Palestinian terrorists hijacked it in 1985 and killed an American passenger in a wheelchair, was listing badly about 15 miles off-shore in the Indian Ocean and in danger of sinking.