Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1969

The 1970 City Council held its first and only practice session for the upcoming season last night in City Hall. The mayor and eight of the 15 councilmen are rookies at their positions, although several of the new councilmen served on previous councils. Mayor-elect Robert M. Clark Jr. called the preseason briefing to insure the council understood his system before the legislative season opened.

The Rev. Fay L. Gemmell, Keene State College campus pastor, made the prediction last night at a meeting of the Cheshire County Council of Churches that increasing unrest is being evidenced by young people at both the high school and college level. Warning that Keene is probably in for increased trouble in this area, Mr. Gemmell stated that the campus ministry at Keene State is needed now more than ever.

Friday, Nov. 25, 1994

WALPOLE — Joan and Jay Punt’s two biggest reasons for giving thanks this holiday season squirm and cuddle on their laps. The Punts adopted Tatiana, 8, and Victor, 6, in September, after the brother and sister had spent two years at a Russian orphanage. For this family, there’s never been a Thanksgiving like this one. “We’re very thankful for all the people who’ve helped us and we’re very thankful to be placed with these two beautiful children,” Jay said, hugging Tatiana. “We love them.”

NELSON — If the weather cooperates, the Route 9 bypass of Granite Lake should be completed in about two weeks. Weather is the biggest factor, as no opening day has been scheduled yet for the new 3.7-mile stretch of road.