Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1969

PETERBOROUGH — Despite assurances from Russell B. Tobey, director of state parks, that his department has no intention of diverting any funds appropriated for the establishment of the Pisgah Wilderness State Park, directors of the Monadnock Region Association expressed concern here last night that acquisition of land for the big recreational area is proceeding slowly. Tobey appeared before the directors to clear up any misunderstandings with respect to the state’s plans for expansion of recreational facilities in southwestern New Hampshire.

WASHINGTON — President Nixon today cleared the way to begin a draft lottery in January, meaning that by 1971 the great bulk of the nation’s draftees will be 19-year-olds. Nixon signed a simple but significant bill that removed from the draft law a ban against a lottery system for determining the order of induction of young men.

Saturday, Nov. 26, 1994

What’s it like to travel around the Midwest for six weeks playing Scrooge? “I had a wonderful time. It was like Christmas day lasting six weeks,” said actor James Harbour, an assistant professor at Keene State College. He played Scrooge in the Nebraska Theatre Caravan’s “A Christmas Carol.”

ATLANTA — Unlike last year, the flu season is off to a slow start, giving millions of Americans a break from miserable aches, fevers and coughs. Nevertheless, federal health officials cautioned Friday that the flu is unpredictable and urged people to get vaccinations.